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ALFAVIT Diabetes


Vitamin-mineral complex for people with diabetes and susceptibility to it.

Contains all vitamins and necessary minerals.
Unlike other complexes it is developed, taking into account scientific recommendations on separate and combined intake of nutrients.

    As the result:
  • probability of allergic reactions is minimized.
  • a vitamin prophylaxis is more effective on the average 30-50%.
  • Contains lipoic and succinic acid, plant extracts, which are used in a prophylaxis of diabetes complications and have positive effect on glucose tolerance.
  • Takes into account the metabolism features of people with any type of diabetes (1 and 2).
  • Dosages of vitamins and mineral, especially important in diabetes, are increased.

Contains 13 vitamins, 9 minerals, organic acids and plant extracts. Dosages take into account increased requirements of people with diabetes. Moreover it is proved that some macronutrients have positive effect of on the glucose tolerance and are effective in the prophylaxis of such diabetes complications as nephropathy, retinopathy and etc.

Энергия+ Таблетка №1 (белая)
Витамины   %
B1 4мг 230
C 50мг 70
Фолиевая кислота 250мкг 65
A 0,5мг 50
Железо 15мг 100
Медь 1мг 100
Органические кислоты
Янтарная кислота 50мг 25
Липоевая кислота 15мг 50
Растительные экстракты
Экстракт побегов черники 30мг
Антиоксиданты+ Таблетка №2 (голубая)
Витамины   %
A 0,5мг 50
E 30мг 200
C 50мг 70
B2 3мг 150
Никотинамид (PP) 30мг 150
B6 3мг 150
Магний 40мкг 10
Марганец 3мг 150
Селен 70мкг 100
Йод 150мкг 100
Цинк 18мг 150
Растительные экстракты
Экстракт корня лопуха 30 мг
Экстракт корня одуванчика 30 мг
Таблетка №3 (розовая)
Витамины   %
D3 5мкг 100
Пантотенат кальция 7мг 140
Фолиевая кислота 250мкг 65
B12 4мкг 130
Биотин (H) 80мкг 140
K1 120мкг 100
Хром 150мкг 300
Кальций 150мг 10

A daily dosage is 3 tablets of different color. The effect of simultaneous intake of all three tablets equals to the effect of a traditional vitamin-mineral complex. Taking tablets with intervals (for example, in the morning, afternoon and evening) increases the prophylaxis efficiency. The intake order of tablets is not important.

Remember that a level of a vitamin and mineral deficiency is individual. As a rule, to solve a problem and make up a deficiency of nutrients 2-3 courses are required with the interval of 10-15 days between them.

Type of product
60 tablets
in blisters.

for children over 14 years and adults as a supplementary source of vitamins and minerals (macro – and microelements), organic acids for people with diabetes.


individual hypersensitivity to the components, thyroid hyperfunction. It is recommended to consult a doctor before starting a course.

Not a medicine. Certificate of the state registration № RU.Е.020075.05.11 on 04.05.2011.