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ALFAVIT Classic Vitamin-mineral complex

Contains all vitamins and necessary minerals.
Unlike other complexes it is developed, taking into account scientific recommendations on separate and combined intake of nutrients.

    As the result:
  • probability of allergic reactions is minimized.
  • a vitamin prophylaxis is more effective on the average 30-50%.
    Taking the components of the complex is recommended:
  • for making up a deficiency of nutrients;
  • during diets or unbalanced diet.

Contains 13 vitamins and 10 minerals.Dosages meet the requirements of the physiological consumption rate for vitamins and minerals in the Russian Federation.

Кальций-D3+ Таблетка №1 (белая)
Витамины   %
D3 5 мкг 100
Пантотенат кальция 5 мг 100
Фолиевая кислота 100 мкг 50
B12 3 мкг 100
Биотин (H) 50 мкг 100
K1 120 мкг 100
Хром 50 мкг 100
Кальций 100 мг 10
Антиоксиданты+ Таблетка №2 (голубая)
Витамины   %
A 0,5 мкг 50
E 10 мг 100
C 35 мг 50
B2 1,8 мг 100
Никотинамид (PP) 20 мг 100
B6 2 мг 100
Магний 50 мг 12,5
Марганец 2 мг 100
Селен 70 мкг 100
Молибден 45 мкг 100
Йод 150 мкг 100
Цинк 15 мг 100
Железо+ Таблетка №3 (розовая)
Витамины   %
B1 1,5 мг 100
C 35 мг 100
Фолиевая кислота 100 мкг 50
A 0,5 мг 50
Железо 14 мг 100
Медь 1 мг 100

A daily dosage is 3 tablets of different color. The effect of simultaneous intake of all three tablets equals to the effect of a traditional vitamin-mineral complex. Taking tablets with intervals (for example, in the morning, afternoon and evening) increases the prophylaxis efficiency. An intake order of tablets is not important.

Remember that a level of a vitamin and mineral deficiency is individual. As a rule, to solve a problem and make up a deficiency of nutrients 2-3 courses are required with the interval of 10-15 days between them.

Type of product:
60 tablets
in blisters.
120 tablets
in blisters.
210 tablets
in pots.

for children over 14 years of age and adults as a supplementary source of vitamins and minerals (macro- and microelements).


individual hypersensitivity to the components, thyroid hyperfunction. It is recommended to consult a doctor before starting a course.

Not a medicine. Certificate of the state registration № RU.Е.019723.06.11 on 10.06.2011.