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Scientific Publications

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This section provides the scientific publications that address the interactions of active components in the vitamin-mineral complexes and suggests rational ways to achieve the most effective vitamin prophylaxis.

  • Scientific Publications
  • Clinical researches
  • The relevance of vitamin and mineral therapy

    Name Authors Year Published
    Does calcium interfere with iron absorption?
    Leif Hallberg 1998 The American journal of clinical nutrition. 1998; 68:3–4.
    A randomized cross over trial of tolerability and compliance of a micronutrient supplement with low iron separated from calcium vs high iron combined with calcium in pregnant women.
    E. Ahn, N. Pairaudeau, N. Pairaudeau, Y. Cerat, B. Couturier, A. Fortier, E. Paradis and G. Koren. 2006 BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. 2006; 6:10.
    Hi-tech tablets – why and what for?
    Medvedev O.S., Medveva N.A. 2005 Трудный пациент. – 2005. – Т. 3.– № 6.
    Iron bioavailability in prenatal multivitamin supplements with separated and combined iron and calcium.
    E. Ahn, B. Kapur, G. Koren. 2004 Journal of obstetrics and gynaecology. 2004; 26(9):809–13.
    Efficiency of vitamin and mineral complexes in terms of micronutrients interaction
    E. Shih 2004 Фармвестник. – 2004. – № 37.
    Vitamin and mineral deficiency
    E. Shih 2004 РМЖ. – 2004. – Т.12. – № 23.
    Interaction of components of vitamin and mineral complexes and rational vitamin therapy
    E. Shih 2004 РМЖ. – 2004. – № 17.
    A community-based randomized controlled trial of iron and zinc supplementation in Indonesian infants: effects on growth and development
    T. Lind, B. Lonnerdal, Stenlund H. et al. 2004 The American journal of clinical nutrition. 2004; Sep; 80(3):729–36.
    Micronutrients and their interaction
    D.H. Shrimpton 2004 Chemist & Druggist. 2004; 15 May.
    Vitamin and mineral deficiency
    N. Korovina 2003 РМЖ. – 2003. – Т. 11. – № 22.
    Synergic vitamin therapy – a basis for optimization of pregravid preparation and pregnancy
    A.N. Strizhakov, P.V. Budanov Вопросы гинекологии, акушерства и перинатологии. – Т. 5. – № 6.