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ALFAVIT Kindergarten released with improved composition.

Since 2012 vitamin-mineral complex ALFAVIT Kindergarten is manufactured with new, improved structure. the current scientific recommendations in the field of child nutrition. We have considered the current recommendations of scientists in the field of infant nutrition. Now ALFAVIT Kindergarten meets them in full measure – its composition supplemented with vitamin K and H (biotin), and chromium. Acceptance of these substances helps to ensure the full development of the child: vitamin K normalizes gastrointestinal motor activity and improves blood clotting; the risk of fracture is increased with a deficit of vitamin K; vitamin H (biotin) regulates the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates in the body; chrome regulates blood sugar levels, is involved in the metabolism of proteins and lipids, the need for chromium increases with excessive consumption of sugar, sweets, white bread.

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