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The promotional campaign of vitamin-mineral complexes ALFAVIT continues on leading television channels.

A series of five commercials to advance line of vitamin-mineral complexes ALFAVIT came out on air from August to December 2009. The leading TV-channels: "Perviy", "Rossiya", "CCC", "TV-3", "DTV," "Home" had aired our commercials. Dynamic action and humorous stories illustrated the importance of separate reception of incompatible substances. The adverts explained the interactions between vitamins and minerals that can be avoided (if the interaction reduces the efficiency), or kept (if the interaction is beneficial) by separation of vitamin-mineral complex components to three pills, to be taken at different times. This principle is implemented in the series of ALFAVIT complexes.The first commercial explaining the interaction of vitamins B1 and B12 could be seen in August. If taken at the same they may cause allergic reactions. In preparations of the ALFAVIT series, these vitamins are placed in different pills, which increase the hypoallergenicity of the preparation, which is especially important in vitamin-mineral complexes for children. A second video explains how calcium prevents the absorption of iron.  The third video explains how iron destroys vitamin B12.  The fourth video talks about competition of chromium, zinc and iron during absorption.  The fifth movie is devoted to synergism, that is, friendship and team spirit of antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E.  Enjoy! 

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