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Everybody who donates blood for Russian Pediatric Clinical Hospital patients will receive a gift of the vitamin-mineral complex ALFAVIT.

The charitable program aiming to attract more donors to help Russian Pediatric Clinical Hospital patients was launched in this clinical institution in the beginning of October 2008.  Every donor will receive a pack of vitamin-mineral complex ALFAVIT from AKVION ill the end of year 2008. Many patients in this hospital are in the great need of donor blood, and those patients from places other than Moscow have very low chances of finding a donor in the city. But receiving donor platelets, blood compounds that stop bleeding, is even bigger issue, because platelets donation procedure per se is more complex than a blood donation and requires a special regimen for the donor to follow prior to the procedure. For example, donor has to satisfy a number of specific requirements, stick to the healthy diet rich in vitamins and get enough sleep. AKVION hopes that our gift of ALFAVIT will help donors to restore their power and health for the future good things to do. We appreciate donors' impact to this big common cause of kids help and with them great health.

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