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ALFAVIT for children: maximum benefits and safety

This information was received through the independent questioning of 10000 parents in 10 Russian cities. The survey was initiated by the Russian State Medical University (Department of Pediatrics) and the Head of the Department, professor Sergey Kluchnikov. Leading Russian medical universities also took part in the survey.Parents had to answer how they chose vitamin supplements for their kids, how long their children were taking them, and whether there were adverse reactions or not. The results of the survey were announced at the conference “Vitamins for Children: The results of independent questioning in Russian cities” (20/03/2007). This event took place during the XIV Russian National Congress “Man and Medicine”. The questioning showed that ALFAVIT has leading positions among other popular vitamin-mineral complexes, and it is considered the safest one. Allergic reactions to ALFAVIT Kindergarten and ALFAVIT School occur less frequently than do allergic reactions to other complexes.

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