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Frequently asked questions

Are there any recommendations on an intake order of ALFAVIT tablets?
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The order of tablets is important only in taking the complexes ALFAVIT Effect, ALFAVIT Energy and ALFAVIT for Men. The composition of each tablet in these complexes is optimally selected for intake in the morning, afternoon and evening. It is specified on the package at what time of the day each tablet should be taken.
An intake order of other complexes in the ALFAVIT series can be any.  It is important that you take 3 tablets of different color during a day. Close
How long should vitamin-mineral complexes of the ALFAVIT series be taken? Is there any concrete course of taking?
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Vitamin-mineral complexes of the ALFAVIT series are not pharmaceuticals. They are intended for prophylaxis. That is why you can individually choose the most acceptable time and course duration: seasonal or continuous.

The recommended taking course of vitamin- mineral complexes is 1 month. A level of a vitamin and mineral deficiency is individual. As a rule, to solve a problem and make up a deficiency of nutrients 2-3 courses are required with the interval of 10-15 days between them. Specialized complexes may be taken continuously. For example, people with diabetes and susceptible to it (in the high-risk group) may take ALFAVIT Diabetes continuously or according to recommendations of an endocrinologist.

The vitamin-mineral complexes for pregnant and lactating women ALFAVI Mom’s health should be taken during the all period of pregnancy and lactation. Moreover it is desirable to start taking this complex in the period of pregnancy planning (for 3 months) to make up a deficiency of vitamins and minerals to the moment of pregnancy.

The complex ALFAVIT for the season of colds for children is reasonable to take:

• from October to April – in a so-called period of colds;

• after antibiotics intake;

• regardless of a season if your child is sickly.

Do vitamin-mineral complexes of the ALFAVIT series contain natural or synthetic vitamins?
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The production technology of our vitamin-mineral complexes involves the incorporation of synthetic vitamins to the composition. Their dosages meet the requirements of the Scientific Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Science.
Synthetic and so-called natural vitamins don`t differ in its structure. Because pharmaceutical companies produce analogues of natural biologically active vitamins, which are completely identical to natural substances – both in the composition and the structure.  For example, vitamin C is L-ascorbic acid. It is possibly to produce D- ascorbic acid (an isomer of vitamin C) but it has no biological activity. That is why you will not find D- ascorbic acid instead of L-ascorbic acid in any preparation.
Synthetic substances are pure (don`t have impurities) that is why they have high effectiveness and bioavailability.  Moreover synthetic vitamins are safer (less allergenic) because the process of   vitamins extraction from natural products often involve much more steps and chemical agents and doesn`t guarantee ecological safety of the products. Close
Are there special complexes for men in the ALFAVIT series?
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There is the vitamin-mineral complex ALFAVIT for Men in the ALFAVIT series. Its intake increases vitality and maintains the men`s health.

ALFAVIT for Men contains all vitamins and necessary minerals, carotenoids, taurine, L- carnitine, and the source of eleutherosides (Siberian ginseng). These substances:

– maintain normal functions of the male reproductive system;

– increase vitality and tolerance of an organism;

– stimulate task and exercise performance.

What vitamins in the ALFAVIT series are good for heart?
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There are no specialized complexes for maintenance of the heart action in the ALFAVIT series.  But vitamins for heart, that is the substances that positively influence the functioning of the cardio-vascular system, are contained in all complexes of the ALFAVIT series. First of all such vitamins are antioxidants – vitamins A and C (strengthen vascular walls) and E (prevents oxidation of lipoproteins – molecules, composed of fats and proteins. When oxidizing they cause many cardio-vascular diseases).  
Magnesium is also important for the normal functioning of heart (it takes part in contraction). It is also contained in all complexes of the ALFAVIT series. Close
Why don`t none of the leading worldwide manufacturers take into account scientific recommendations on separate and combined intake of nutrients in production of vitamin-mineral complexes?  
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At the beginning of the vitamins production separate intake was usual because all known at that moment nutrients were produced as separate preparations: vitamin A, ascorbic acid, etc.  Vitamin-mineral complexes, to which we used to, were not produced. In such situation it was easy to follow recommendations on separate intake. On the other hand for full vitamin prophylaxis you would have to take two dozen tablets a day.  Questionable pleasure!
Manufacturers thought over a customer`s pleasure and found a way – they combined all nutrients in one tablet. Now it was convenient to take vitamins, and scientific recommendations were “forgotten”. But such approach reduces benefit of vitamins intake.
Developers of ALFAVIT found the happy medium, keeping both the benefit of separate intake and convenience of the vitamin prophylaxis. It turned out that in order to follow scientific recommendations all vitamins and minerals should be divided into three intakes. To take 3 tablets is easier that 2 dozen. And all scientific recommendations are followed.
There is one more aspect. Some manufacturers would like to produce analogues of ALFAVIT but it is impossible because ALFAVIT is protected by the Eurasian patent. Close
Why do Akvion register its preparations as biologically active supplements but not as pharmaceuticals?
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Legally vitamins can be registered both as a pharmaceutical and as a dietary supplement.
But medically vitamin-mineral complexes are not a medicine. Pharmaceuticals are intended for the therapy, while vitamin-mineral complexes are necessary for the normal work of an organism; they are not a cure, but they prevent a lot of diseases.
In the whole world vitamin – mineral complexes, containing nutrients in prophylactic dosages, are registered as biologically active supplements.  Russian manufacturers start to do so step by step. Our company always follows the rule of registration of prophylactic vitamin-mineral complexes as biologically active supplements.
A biologically active supplement is a form of registration that doesn`t depend on the quality and composition of a preparation. The efficiency of the vitamin- mineral complexes doesn`t also depend on a form of its registration. Close
Taking ALFAVIT is it important to choose food by its compatibility to each tablet? Food also contains vitamins and minerals!
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The content of vitamins and minerals in food is small. Moreover heat treatment destroys the most vitamins and transforms the most minerals in a form, difficult to assimilation.  That is why vitamins and minerals in food don`t influence significant the assimilation of the vitamin-mineral components of the ALFAVIT series. But if there are a lot of products in your diet rich in calcium (particularly, milk products) we advise you to make the biggest intervals between consumption of these products and intake of a tablet, containing iron. We also don`t advise you to take tea or coffee with it. Phytates, containing in tea, can prevent assimilation of nutrients from vitamin- mineral complexes of the ALFAVIT series. Close