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Scientific Publications

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The articles collected in this section discusses the prescriptions of vitamin-mineral supplements during pregnancy and lactation, and covers some aspects of the interactions between the components of vitamin-mineral complexes.

  • Scientific Publications
  • Clinical researches
  • The relevance of vitamin and mineral therapy

    Name Authors Year Published
    A randomized cross over trial of tolerability and compliance of a micronutrient supplement with low iron separated from calcium vs high iron combined with calcium in pregnant women.
    E. Ahn, N. Pairaudeau, N. Pairaudeau, Y. Cerat, B. Couturier, A. Fortier, E. Paradis and G. Koren. 2006 BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. 2006; 6:10.
    Iron bioavailability in prenatal multivitamin supplements with separated and combined iron and calcium.
    E. Ahn, B. Kapur, G. Koren. 2004 Journal of obstetrics and gynaecology. 2004; 26(9):809–13.
    Synergic vitamin therapy – a basis for optimization of pregravid preparation and pregnancy
    A.N. Strizhakov, P.V. Budanov Вопросы гинекологии, акушерства и перинатологии. – Т. 5. – № 6.